Let's be Friends


There's lots of us who are working hard to create a more supportive world for freelancers, remote workers, the self employed, and modern workers. We aren't competitors, but rather brothers and sisters who are tackling different aspects of this way of working - some broadly, some focused.

There are those of us who are category specific - such as Anna at FJ&Co for journalism
There are those of us who are theme specific - such Leapers for mental health
There are those of us who are audience specific - such as DIFTK for freelancing parents

Individually, we’re doing amazing things.
Collectively, we can do even more.

I’d like to propose creating a ‘family’ of communities which support each other.

For instance, retweeting and sharing each others content, so we all benefit from our collective reach; writing for each other’s platforms so we aren’t reliant on our own efforts constantly; signposting to each other when we know the thing one of our members is looking for is in one of the other communities; co-hosting events; chatting about what works, what doesn’t work, and even just having someone else to chat to [I’m sure we’ve all had moments of “why on earth am I doing this?”].

There could be so many more things we do together, I don’t know where it might go - but there’s something which just feels right about being connected, collaborating and supporting each other in some way, small things which will help us all have more impact and support more people.

Initially, I’m just suggesting it’s either a WhatsApp group, or a Slack group, or an email chain, or a hangout, or something really simple, where we can dip in and out, where it goes from there I don’t know.

Sitting on top of this is a little website, which we can all add our projects to, a place where people can navigate to the most supportive groups for the self-employed. I’ve purchased freelancefriendly.network, and even if no-one is keen to go any further with this, I think I’ll still be putting up links to your projects and resources, because they’re awesome. The link will live in the footer of leapers so people can find our brothers and sister communities, and if you wanted to do the same, we create a family of projects which people can access.

There we go, that’s my idea. I’d love for you to be part of it.

If you’re in, just let me know.

And if its not right for you, we’re going to continue retweeting and liking and sharing and signposting our members to your communities, because the work you’re doing is brilliant, and I thank you, as an individual, for the support you’ve provided me over the past few years.

Chief Freelance Officer,